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Q: Why should I have my out of service tower removed?
A: (a) Improve the appearance and value of your home.
  (b) Eliminate the risk of injury or property damage caused by a tower or antenna falling down.
  (c) Eliminate the risk of property damage and mess caused by raccoons and birds accessing your roof and/or nesting in your chimney.
  (d) Adds security by removing easy access to your 2nd floor windows.
Q: Is removal expensive?
A: No. In most cases the cost is similar to the cost of other minor home improvements.
The fee is usually much, much less than a person’s insurance deductible.
Q: Where does Ontario Tower Removal operate?
A: We do business all over southern and central Ontario including cottage country.
Q: Is Ontario Tower Removal a registered company?
A: Yes. Ontario Tower Removal is registered with the Ontario Government through the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
Q: Is Ontario Tower Removal insured?
A: Yes. Ontario Tower Removal carries a commercial general liability insurance policy.
Q: Do you dispose of my old tower or satellite dish?
A: Yes. All metal components are taken to a recycling facility.